Saturday, February 13, 2010

Think Again..

Your life is ruined?

Think again. Think hard..very hard.

Can you feel your heart beat?
Can you see the clouds?
Can you hear the birds singing?
Can you breathe?

You can?
Then, your life is not ruined.
You are going through a phase in your life
A phase in this temporary world

But remember, He is near.
He is nearer to you than the vein in your neck.

Have faith in Him.

An example of a person with a very strong faith.

The photo on the left is taken from one of my favourite blogs
He was a final year medical student when he had to go through a treatment. He went to the hospital with books in his hand because it was time to revise for his final exam.

What was the treatment?

What was it for?

He is now known as Dr Mas Afzal. A true inspiration.
May Allah give him strength and guide him always. Amiin..


white said...

Assalamu'alaikum mdm...
Mdm xsihat ke skrg? bila saya baca komen pljr2 mdm, diorang asyik doakan kesihatan mdm je,.. maafkan saya sbb xtahu yg mdm kurang sihat skrg... lama betul xjumpa dgn mdm, skrg saya dh jd 4th year student. saya doakan moga2 Allah swt dgn rahmat & kasih sayangnya, bkn sekadar mgugurkan dosa2 mdm bahkan mningkatkan darjat mdm di akhirat kelak di atas setiap ujian yg mdm lalui. 1 lagi, saya xtahu pun bila dah tamat bljr kna hntr SMS terima kasih ke? naifnya saya, soalan mcm ni pun nk kna tny,.., skrg ni mgkn smpat lg kot, hehe,,.. "thank you very2 much,thank you very2 much,thank you very2 much, don't know how many time i should repeat this sentence, even if the computer memory has become full, still not enough i think. my hope, may Allah gives you strength to maintain & continue your nice way of teaching, starting with some beautiful advice and then lecturing and not to forget, "sonata story". :)" thank you so much...
*Mohd Jamil*white*

mawar said...

Waalaikum salam Jamil,

Alhamdulillah. I am ok. Last semester(for the whole semester) my health was not stable to the extent that I have to cancel class a few times(something that i don't like to do, but students like it,hehe..)
But there must a reason behind everything that happened and I am thankful to Allah. And I am so happy to get many prayers from my students.
About sending thank you message: awak ni Jamil...itu pun nak tanya ke? ish..ish.. camane student 4th year pun tak tau ni... :(
I am just kidding Jamil...We are just doing our job, it's our responsibility to teach. The thank you message is a bonus.(Tak payah la taip banyak2..) Yang penting Allah terima itu semua sebagai amal soleh. Hanya Allah yang layak menerima rasa syukur dan terima kasih dari kita. remember the sonata story ye? how about standard deviation? still remember that?

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