Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Highway

My office had been relocated again, and today was my second day at the new place. For the past 4 years, driving long distance to work (about 60km - one way) had been my routine and I usually took the opportunity to enjoy the view along the way. It helps in relieving the stress of driving. This new place is a bit closer although it's still a long journey with more traffic.

Somehow today, while driving to work I fell into deep contemplation.
Driving along the DUKE highway was enjoyable as the traffic was really smooth even during peak hours. I tend to agree with many people who said that DUKE highway is by far one of the most 'beneficial and functional' highway ever built in this congested Klang Valley. This highway bypassed so many busy roads and yet it remain constantly smooth. The first time I drove on this highway on my own I was pleasantly surprise at how fast it took me to reach my destination.

Today, as usual I was on DUKE highway for a mere 5 minutes, and I suddenly felt indebted to those who were involved in building this highway. Looking at the road, I imagine the people who laid the asphalt for days, weeks, months under the hot sun, the lorry drivers, the technicians, the engineers, the electricians and the list goes on and on. Together they worked hard, all in different position with different function, but with one mission, building a safe highway for the public.
How many people have used this road, and who are they? They could be doctors working with patients, they could be mothers sending children to school, they could be sons, daughters on the way to visit their parents, or an ustaz on the way to teach people about Islam.
I imagine all the good deeds that the highway users are doing, and the rewards that they will receive, wouldn't that be shared with the people who sincerely toiled in building the highway? I believe so.

May Allah bless them all... Amiin.