Monday, February 14, 2011

The Youth

Wael Ghonim
The events that unfolded in Egypt has brought inspirations to many. 
With the advancement in technology, the whole world was able to see and feel together with the courageous Egyptians. And in the end, as they celebrated, we all share the sense of relief, pride and utter happiness together with them.

What makes it more special is the fact that the peaceful demonstration, joined by Egyptians from all walks of life, was lead by activists who are young, tech savvy and  highly educated.
History has shown that any significant changes (towards better or worse) in any nation had to be strongly supported if not lead by the youth of the nation. Being young, vibrant and energetic, the youth are precious asset that any nation can take pride in if they are of excellent quality.
Hence, educating the youth is crucial for any nation.

May Allah continues to give me strength and patience in my career as an educator of the youth.
I was not trying to motivate them for any kind of revolution, but I was just trying to be persistent in reminding them about taking their education seriously.
Education is the way to be a better person, a better Muslim.
I had to remind them again and again, about the nobleness of seeking knowledge, and that every single step that they take is recorded as part righteous deeds that will be rewarded by Him.
It was by no means of coincidence that the first command sent down to mankind was
"Read, in the name of your Lord..", ( AlAlaq:1)
followed by,
"Nuun, by the pen and what they inscribe.." (Al Qalam:1)

Students had to be reminded that the books that they bought are not only to be carried around, or a mere decoration on their study tables, but to be read. Reading should be their main activity.
Students had to be reminded that in order to achieve good result, in order to gain blessed knowledge, they must take the right path in learning. There is no shortcuts. They must take the long difficult road.
They must be sincere, humble and have due respect to their teachers.
I have no qualms about students who are weak, or having difficulties in understanding a lesson, but I can't tolerate students who are rude, arrogant and dishonest.
I insisted on the adab and ethic in learning from the very first day. For only with proper adab that learning will be blessed and hence the knowledge gained becomes the light that shines our way in life.

I am thankful to Allah that among my students, there are still some who are visionary, and had a profound understanding of their purpose in life. Not many of them though, only a handful.
It is always a pleasure to meet these kind of students, a pleasure to have them in my class. You can recognize them from their humbleness and deep respect to their teachers. Their works are always up to date, with full class attendance, very serious and attentive in class. They have grown into a well-disciplined, responsible and mature students.

I can't help but admire them. They had been blessed with the strength and courage in facing the temptation and attraction of the current decadent 'youth culture'.
They are not behind in any technology, and they use it for the right purpose. They are not consumed by endless entertainment and pursuing fun in life, because they choose to lead a meaningful honorable life even if it's a difficult one.
They are youth with character.
These are the kind of youth that I believe can be trusted with great leadership in the future.
May Allah's blessings and mercy be with them always. Amiin..

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thank You Allah

Allahu akbar!

To all my brothers and sisters in Egypt, to all Egyptians in all parts of the world...
My heartiest congratulation to all of you.
After 18 days of peaceful demonstration, after the last Friday prayer with one imam leading 2 million people, Tahrir Square had become the witness of the dawn of a new era.

Alhamdulillah...All praise be to Allah.

You can view the interactive map from here.