Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Growing up

Looking at a tiny new plant growing is refreshing.
From the fragile stem, new branches will grow. New leaves will appear.
The young plant might grow into a huge tree, strong and sturdy, offering cool shades beneath it.

Human goes through similar process.

Who's that girl? Obviously refusing to smile.
Umm...C'est moi...
It's me, yours truly at the age of four(I think).
I know, I laughed too.
What a serious looking four year old I was. My mother always say that it was really difficult to get me to smile.
I was chubby. I remembered being called 'fat girl' or 'bocah lemu' in my native Javanese language. Yes, I can speak Javanese, very fluently in fact.

That chubby innocent girl has grown up, or should I say grown old.

Like a small plant that has grown into a huge tree, she has endured many.
The ups and downs of life, the laughter and tears, joy and grief, has made her into who she is now. She will always remain indebted to her parents, families and friends for their strong support and sincere prayers all throughout the many tests and trials in her life.

And yes, she has learned to smile.

All praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.


وان نورفرحين وان محمد غزالي said...

aslmkum madam.
we have something in common i guess.
it's so hard for people to see our smile during childhood.
or..should i say...even up until now?
mine i mean.

mawar said...

Waalaikum salam Farah,

hehe..we don't smile much, but we are nice, kan?(and perasan)

let's smile..it's a sadaqah. :)