Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fourteen Blessed Weeks

The semester has ended. I look forward for the long break. The new academic year will only start in June 2010.

The past fourteen weeks had been challenging. My health condition forced me to take one week rest as early as the first week of the semester and in the weeks that follows my health remained quite unstable.

This semester was a real test for my patience. Patience in dealing with my health and my work.
I love my job, this is where I can meet the fresh minds of the young generation. But these young fresh minds come in multitude of shapes and dimensions.

As I ponder on what had happened in the past fourteen weeks, my heart has to surrender to the fact that Allah is the best planner of all.
As I begin to slowly comprehend all the wisdom behind the challenges that I had to face, I feel so blessed to have known these special people, my students.
Yes, they might have learned something from me, as I am the teacher, but Allah knows, Allah chose them to teach me a lot more.

To all my students in the three groups..
Please accept my sincere apology for I am just a mere human with shortcomings abound.
May Allah guide us all in this long difficult journey.

Do not take the wrong turn, do not chose the dangerous and tempting shortcut.
It's not worth the effort.
As you stepped out of that brown door of the classroom, your heart and mind will begin to play tricks on you. Be careful with every single steps that you take, for that feet of yours will one day become your witness on the Day of Judgement.
What you learn, what you heard, what you understood in class can simply disappear if your heart is not humble and sincere. Always remember, Allah will only send challenges that we can sustain, but the biggest and hardest challenges will come from within yourself. The toughest fight is from your own inner self.

Let us continue to seek the divine help from Him, The Most Merciful, The Light, The Guide, The Opener.
Let us pray that He will open up our hearts to 'see', for He commands us to believe in the unseen things.

Let us all be thankful, it was indeed a blessed fourteen weeks.


Anonymous said...

Thank you mdm...
kerana mengajar kami(grp 12) dgn penuh kesabaran dan keikhlasan...
moga2 Allah membalas kebaikan dgn kebaikan pula di akhirat kelak...
kami minta mdm maafkanlah segala kesilapan dan kesalahan yg kami lakukan sewaktu mdm mengajar kami...
moga2 kesihatan mdm beransur pulih, dan dpt meneruskan pekerjaan yg sangat mdm cintai ini dgn penuh kesabaran..
moga2 mdm dirahmati tuhan.. = )

mawar said...

Amiin. Terima kasih di atas doanya.
Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui apa yang terbaik untuk hambaNya.
Segala puji dan syukur hanya untukNya, tiada apa yang berlaku melainkan dengan izinNya.

terima kasih sudi membaca. :)

musafir_ cinta_ ilahi said...

1st time sy masuk kt kelas mdm,sy mmg xknal sgt mdm,i'm sory about that but what u have taught us,all ur advices shaked my heart very strongly,i dunno why..
sy taw,sy akan hilang tuhan kalau sy xcuba m'cari tp sy amat b'syukur kpd DIA krn DIA m'pertemukan sy dgn mdm utk pulihkan hati sy yg sakit dan sy akui,hati sy mmg t'lampau sakit lebih drpd org2 lain tp ini lah ujian paling berat utk sy tanggungi dlm hidup kurang takut if my body yg sakit tp sy t'lampau takut jika hati sy yg akan semakin parah dari sehari ke sehari..
thank u mdm coz ajar kn sy suatu benda yg selama ini sy cari2 yg sebenarnya,ianya ilmu b'kaitan akan sentiasa b'doa agr mdm akn b'ansur pulih..dan semoga allah p'mudah jalan utk mdm menggapai redha NYA..ameen

mawar said...

Salam to musafir cinta ilahi

Amiin. Terima kasih di atas doanya.
Setiap kita masih perlu terus berjuang sehinggalah kita di panggil pulang satu hari nanti. Teruskan mencari ilmu yang berkat, ilmu yang akan menjadi cahaya di dalam hati.
Masih ada lagi ramai murabbi di luar sana, ikhlaslah mencari mudah2an Allah permudahkan. Amiin.

nur said...

salam. so nice to have a nice lecturer like you madam.seriously, i like your class because you are so calm and a good teacher. i like to lend you my ear for your class especially your reminder session. for me,everything from you is the best reminder for us as a student and muslim/ fact, it makes me sad and realize all my mistakes that i had done. you encourage me to study and seek barokah from Allah and teacher. i will try to remember all your reminder,thanks for all madam. i will do all my best for my final exam this sem and my future. may Allah bless your life. forgive my mistakes and pray the best for me.

mawar said...

Salam Nur,

Thank you for visiting here and all the best to you.
Have a blessed day.