Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Message

Every once in a while, usually at the end of a semester, we the lecturers would receive thank you messages from students. Whether it was just a simple thank you, or sometimes it's a long prayer or even an emotional message, it's always a pleasure reading them. It felt really nice knowing that our efforts are being acknowledged and appreciated. Alhamdulillah, all praise be to Allah.

But I remembered once when one of the lecturers received a text message from a student, and it was really shocking.
The message: " Madam, thank you for ruining my life"

It was heartbreaking but puzzling at the same time.
What happen? What have we done to ruin his/her life?

I honestly feel that we are not capable of ruining a student's life, not to mention having the intention of doing it. I am not being defensive, but, seriously, it takes a lot to ruin someone's life.
I believe that the person wrote the message in anger and bitterness, and was desperately trying to find means to alleviate the suffering inside his/her heart.

May I humbly present an opinion?

When we are unhappy, we must try our best to separate facts from drama.
If the fact is we lost our money, our life is not ruined.
If the fact is we failed a course, our life is not ruined. No, it's not.
So... Do not change the fact from losing our money or failing a course to the drama that our life is ruined...

Facing fact as it is, will help us in finding options and hopefully solving the problem or improving the situation.
We failed a course. What should we do then? Should we repeat it in the next semester, or should we change to a different program, or may be we should seek advise from someone in the authority to help us decide.
It's alright to feel sad or even to cry the whole day, but do not say your life is ruined. It's amazing how those words can quickly creep into the mind and corrupt our thoughts. Negative thoughts leads to exaggeration and sometimes the situation could be blown out of proportion and you'll turn miserable. Yes, cry as much as you want. Then, dry your eyes and look at the situation fairly. You'll find the way, if you are willing to accept the situation bravely and positively. InsyaAllah.

To the person who wrote the message:

We are truly sorry that you feel that way. We are sorry that things do not turn out the way you had hoped for. However, we sensed that you are carrying a deep anger in yourself. Please find a room of forgiveness in your heart for it will free you from that grip of rage. We pray for your success in your life here and the hereafter. May Allah guide you always. Amiin...

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