Friday, January 22, 2010

Patient versus Patient

Why do we call a sick person who's undergoing treatment as 'patient'?
We do have to be patient when we are sick or while taking care of a sick person. That's true. But why the same word is used?

It's quite normal that we fall sick once in a while. However, my healthy days are definitely more than my sick days. This is a fact that I must always remember and be thankful for.

But sometimes, when I've been sick for a long period of time, or when I fell sick repeatedly, my soul turns weary, my heart turns sorrow and I'll break down into tears. Not because of pain, but more of a disheartened feeling and sadness.
Why is it happening again? I've taken the medication, I've tried this and that to avoid being sick. Why..why..?
That's when patience is needed.

Illness is a test. A test from Him, The Most Merciful. He is reminding you and me, to turn back to Him, so that we can be saved from a greater danger ahead.

Innallaaha ma'as soobiriin..
Forgive me Ya Ghaffar..
Because when I was healthy, I forgot You again..

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