Monday, January 11, 2010


I had just finished reading 3 books. When I bought the books on new year day, I was hoping that I would find something different. The first book was written by an Italian psychotherapist, the second by two Canadians(one of them was an accountant) and the third by a Japanese scientist.

The Japanese scientist explained about his research on water crystals (I've heard about it quite sometime ago, only now had the chance to read the book).
What strikes me most was the fact about vibration.
Existence is vibration.

We know from quantum physic that matter is actually a kind of wave or vibration, including us, human. When we look deeper and deeper inside us, we will see atoms. And atoms are basically a nucleus with circling electrons.
The only 'solid' thing about us is the nucleus, the rest are just empty space. In fact, scientists say, if we are able to compress all the atoms in us, getting rid of all the space, we would actually become invisible!

Coming back to vibration, the experiment about water shows that the vibration of kind words would affect the formation of water crystals into a beautiful shape, and the opposite will happen with nasty offensive words.

From the Italian writer who wrote about the power of kindness, he presented many research findings that shows, we, human are meant to be kind. We are designed to be kind. Kindness is our nature.

The Canadian writers wrote about the benefit of giving. Giving is one of the greatest act of kindness. Giving will benefit most to the giver, not the receiver. True happiness can only be achieved through giving, whether we are giving our wealth, time, or love to others.

While the Italian and Canadian writers spoke about kindness and giving, in psychological perspective, the Japanese scientist shows that kindness can be measured empirically, and can even be shown in photographs. In the form of water crystals and measured vibrations.
Why water? Water is the source of life.
We, human are water based, 70% of our body is water.


I am a Malaysian reader, reading from books written by people from 3 different parts of the world, expecting to look for something different. Why was I not surprised to find that all of them are talking about the same thing?
Because, I know for a fact that all of us, everything around us, are created by ONE Creator.

Words are vibration and they can affect us. Remember how painful it was when we accidentally cut our finger? It takes a few days to heal. But it's not as painful as when somebody said a nasty cruel word to our face. That could take years to heal or could be incurable.

The negative vibration affected us negatively.
Some people can sense it distinctly and are able to find the cure to eliminate the effect because they are strong.
Some people can sense it and suffer the pain but not capable of finding the cure without the help of others.
And some people do not even realized what is happening within his body and soul, they go on with their life while the vibration is slowly destroying them.
Which one are you?

If words can have devastating effects, what about sinful acts and wrongdoings?

However, our Creator does not leave us alone groping in the dark. He send us guidance through our hearts.
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, " Sin makes the heart restless".

We can feel it. But..

How many times have we ignored the signals from our hearts?
How many times have we proceed with the actions while the alarm is deafening the ears?

Until one day, the hearts suffer and die a spiritual death.

And whether we realize it or not, sins are hurting and wounding us and the people around us. We radiates the negative vibrations.
Only a sincere repentance can purify the ailing hearts towards recovery.

"What, have they not journeyed in the land so that they have hearts to understand with, or ears to hear with? It is not the eyes that are blind, but blind are the hearts within the breasts."
( Al- Hajj: 46)

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