Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Be Truthful

Gary Chapman, in his book, "Love as a Way of Life", wrote the following:

As I was doing the research for this book, I asked numerous people to give me the name of someone they considered a loving person. Then I followed up with these questions: Why? What about that person leads you to conclude that he or she is a loving person?
Most of the answers I received fell within the characteristics of love that we have already discussed in this book. The loving person was said to be kind, patient, forgiving, humble, courteous, and giving. But a significant number of my respondents also indicated that the person was loving because he or she would tell the truth even when the other person didn't want to hear it. A casual acquaintance may tell you what you want to hear, but a true friend will tell you what you need to hear.

Being honest is part of being a loving person. Being honest means we need to be truthful in our words and action. Truth can be hurtful at times, but the truth will set you free.
A lie can't stand on it's own, it will need another lie to complete it, and another, and another. It takes less energy to tell the truth compare to telling lies.

But, in the effort of being honest, it doesn't mean we are allowed to be rude or harsh. Truth can and should be conveyed with kindness.

There were times when we would be angry and hurt but we should be thankful that we can rely on our trusted friends to be honest with us.

A Muslim should be a mirror to his/her friends.
Mirror never lies.

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Anonymous said...

i want to be honest because being not honest to yourself is like i be someone who i do not suppose to be...and it's hurting the inner part of me...i miss the peace...i miss my Allah and Rasulullah...but i do not have the enough tools to go and see them...i have to prepare..