Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One Day in May 2008 - 2

Our journey in Europe includes a few days in UK where we stayed at a friend's house in London and a cousin's house in Luton.
When we decided to stay in a Bed and Breakfast in Lake District, UK, my intention was simply to experience an English hospitality. B and B as they call it, is a popular choice among low budget travelers.

David, our host at the B and B is a friendly and cheerful person. He run the place alone which means he does the cleaning, cooking and all the maintenance work himself. When we arrived, he warned us about the gate at the entrance that he had just finished painting.
He also inquired from us about the menu for our breakfast.

That morning, after preparing the breakfast he sat down with us to chat. He told us about his family and how he ended up living alone, and that his family is a disappointment to him. He had left his job as an accountant to run the B and B.

Suddenly he change the topic and asked,
" How come Muslim don't eat pork?"
The situation does not allow us to explain in detail, we were quite in a hurry. Furthermore, his facial expression showed that he is ever ready to refute anything that we are going to say.
My husband gave a short definite answer,
" It's God's law, we are following God's law".
He gave a stunned look, not expecting that kind of answer perhaps. Shrugging off he said,
" Oh..God has no place here in our life. Over here, we don't let God run our lives.."
For a moment I was speechless, I can't believe what I heard. Honestly, I don't recalled what he said word by word, but he DID say something to that effect. He did give a lengthy explanation that, here, in his life, his town, even his country, there's no place for God.
I have totally forgotten what we said after that, because he was so firm in his standpoint that nothing we said would be at the very least, acceptable or agreeable.

I remember making a mental note that I must write about this.

David, I am sorry that your family disappoint you,
I am sorry that your son did not turn out to be what you expect him to be
May be that's why you gave up on God
But David,
God is here, there, everywhere
God runs our lives
In fact, God runs everything on this planet
He owns your life, your town, your country
The whole universe is His
He knows you and me, inside out
He doesn't need us

But, WE need HIM

May Allah forgive us, for not telling you
That He loves you.

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