Thursday, October 23, 2008

One Day in May 2008

“How’s the breakfast?” David asked with his cheerful look.

“Great! Thank you…you prepared all these?” I asked him while stirring my coffee.

“Yeah! I run this place alone..” David pulled a chair and sat beside my husband.

“Are we the only guests you have today?” queried my husband.

“’s a weekday..I usually have many guests on the weekends..I had a few calls already for this weekend”

“So, that’s why we got all your attention this morning..” I said and we all laugh together.

“Actually, I always welcome Muslims to my place..”


“When you made the booking and I saw your name, I knew right away that you are a Muslim and I felt very comfortable”

“Really…why is that?”

“Because I know that you will not be coming back from a party somewhere drunk and throwing up…and messing up my place..
Then I would have to clean up everything... while preparing breakfast for the other guests…it’s a lot of work running this place alone..”

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