Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Heart

I had not been able to find anything worthy to write until my husband told me about it this morning. " We'll be having a special prayer for the twins at our masjid tonight..."

They are just eight years old, but they are the darlings of our masjid. You see them all the time at the masjid, so those who frequent the masjid would surely recognize them.
They are not twins actually, but quadruplets. The sons of my dearest friend.
A few months back, two of them had been found to have hole in their hearts.
They will be admitted to the National Heart Institute this monday to undergo heart surgery on wednesday.
The mother told me that the two boys had been quite excited about the surgery, preparing their bags and asking a lot of questions.
"May be they thought that it's like going for a holiday...!" I said to her.
"Yes...I am worried that they have a misconception about the whole thing..." she replied, and then continued. "But I've already made it clear to them, that this is a surgery, the doctor will cut open your chest...and you know what they said?"
I was amazed to hear about their reply.
They said to the mother, " We are a bit scared... but Ummi, didn't our Prophet (SAW) had his chest open too when he was a child? We are following his sunnah then..."
They might have hole in their hearts, the physical heart that is. But their hearts, the spiritual hearts, obviously are in perfect condition.

How does a mother feel when not one, but two of her dear sons had to go through a major surgery at such a tender age, both at the same time?
She had gone through so much in her life with her thirteen children, but she had always been strong. Her faith had been tested many times, and yet she had been able to stand tall, all through out the journey, and I believe her faith had become stronger.

My dear friend, my sister... I might not be able to be there with you. But my prayers will. InsyaAllah, everyone in the masjid had prayed today, we made the du'a especially for them. We all love them, we would miss them, and we would love to see them again at the masjid.

My dear sister, I know you are strong, but when life gets too difficult for you to stand... kneel down on your knees, place your forehead on the ground in front of Allah, The Most Merciful.
He is always there, very close to you.
And when your heart becomes weary, let your tears wash away the burden, in your long sujud...
May the mercy and blessings of Allah be with you and your family.


Noor Jannah said...

Salam kak....
syukran for the post - ia sangat menyentuh dan benarlah ia sangat a `Special Dedication'. Baru saya tahu saya tak kuat bila putera hati akan lalui semua ini. Tapi nsaya berdyukur saya ada DIA yang Maha Meneguhkan. Saya bersyukur teramat syukur kerana DIA juga lah yg memberkati saya dngan sahabat & jiran yang dirahmati Allah. Mereka semua rahmat Allah untuk saya. Alhamdulillah.... Syukur Allah benarkan saya lalui semua ini, seperti kata Muhammad: Allah percayakan kita. Allah mengurniakan saya asbab untuk jadikan sujud saya lebih panjang dan diam... Subhanallah, masya Allah. 2 Amjad happy bila saya beritahu: " Ibu kata, jantung fizikal kembar berlubang tapi jantung spiritual kembar sempurna!"; masaalahnya alumni ESQ Kids ni tanya lah pula: owh kita ada 2 jantung? Jantung emosi kita camana pula?... he he nanti Ibu jawabkan...

mawar said...

Salam Jannah,
Jantung emosi nya sentiasa ceria.. :)

Mudah2an segalanya selamat. Ahli qariah surau al islah pasti menantikan kembalinya merpati2 surau yang ceria tu...