Sunday, December 26, 2010

At The Market

Recently at a shopping complex.

"Look at all these Christmas decoration...there must be many Christians in these area..."

"No..lah...not because of that, last time during Hari Raya they had Raya decoration here.."

"Yup, that's right..Deepavali decoration, Chinese New Year.."

"Shopping complex has no religion..."

" are right"

"Their religion is money"

The place that Allah likes most is the masjid, and the place that Allah dislikes most is the market.
(Hadith by Muslim)

A reminder to myself to recite a lot of zikr upon entering such places.


Anonymous said...

subhanallah...that's so true madam...
Allah who loves Mosque and hates Markets...


mawar said...

Salam abdullah

Thank you for reading.
Have a blessed day.