Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Heart - 2

We've never been to IJN before.
This is our first time.
I've always marvel at the fact that we have a special institution for our hearts, which obviously means that it is the most important organ in our body.
We could be lying motionless, unable to respond to any kind of stimulus, but as long as our heart still beating, we are still alive.
Death can only confirmed at the moment when our heart stopped.

We went to visit the twins. The doctors had planned to have the surgery for both of them at the same time. But then, after realizing how so much alike they both looked, the doctors changed their minds. It's just too risky to have a confusion during such a major surgery.

This is Amjad Bahzi(left). He went in first, on Wednesday. The doctors had briefed the parents that normally, such patient would have to stay in the ICU for three days before being transferred to the normal ward.
However, in less than six hours after surgery, while in the ICU, his progress was so tremendous that all the wires and tubes were taken off completely. He was then transferred to the normal ward the very next day.

Amjad Ghazi(left) went in on Thursday. It was another successful surgery, and Alhamdulillah... after 24 hours he was out from the ICU. When we visited him today, I thought he was the one who had the surgery first because he looked more cheerful than his brother.
I have to admit, I still can't tell who is who simply by looking at their face.

They had been progressing well, Alhamdulillah.
It was me who felt worried looking at them walking about.
"How does it feel when you walk?" I asked Ghazi.
"It hurts..." He responded slowly but still looking very calm.

Their innocent faces showed the strong faith that they have in their hearts. The mother told me that they had been reciting selawat non-stop before the surgery. They just love the Prophet SAW so much. Seconds before they were put to sleep for the surgery, they were guided by their parents to say a special prayer. After reciting the syahadah they were taught to sincerely accept and surrender to Allah's will.

To my dear Bahzi and Ghazi,
May Allah accept your sincere prayers
May Allah make your hearts stronger
Never forget that Allah is always near
Never forget that Prophet Muhammad SAW loves us very much and that he heard your selawat...

To all the twins
Dear Azri, Bahzi, Fitri and Ghazi
May Allah's blessings and mercy be with you always
May Allah guide you in every step that you take
May Allah fill your hearts with Islam, Imaan and Ihsan


white said...

Alhamdulillah.... May Allah swt make their hearts stronger and prepared enough for the more challenging days in the future... Ameen...

jannah said...

Alhamdulillah... moga Allah limpahi kita dengan hati yang menyintaiNya dan KekasihNya... Amin Ya Mujib.