Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nine Days Seven Nights

Alhamdulillah.. Our flight landed safely this morning from Istanbul. The nine day journey has ended.

This is the first time that we travel by tour package with packed itinerary. Eighteen Malaysians and two Turkish ( one bus driver and one tour guide) traveled a total of almost 3000km, covering about one third of the country in two continents, Asia and Europe.
From Istanbul, we travel to Bolu, Ankara, Nevsehir, Konya, Kusadasi, Denizli, Cannakkale and back to Istanbul.

The journey started with 'visiting' Sultan Muhammad, and ended with Abu Ayub Al-Ansari, the two significant figures in the Islamic history of Istanbul.

Turkey is full of surprises.

It's the land of olive and wheat, beautiful art of carpet making and ceramics, and last but not least the ruins of previous civilization dated as far as 3000 years, exhibited either in indoor or outdoor museums.

I hope to write in detail about this priceless experience.

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