Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Masjid

Turkey is well known for it's beautiful mosques. The magnificent Sultan Ahmed Mosque or better known as Blue Mosque(left) is stunningly beautiful and elegant. It is one of the famous landmarks in the world.

When I entered the mosque, it was not just the physical beauty of the mosque that touched my heart, it was more of the memory of the great man who conquered the city of Constantinople, the man whom Prophet Muhammad SAW referred to as the best commander leading the best army.
I mistakenly thought that this mosque was the one named after the great Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh.
It was only after I reached home and did some more detailed reading that I discovered that there is another mosque, Fatih Mosque (right), which was actually constructed at his order, and subsequently named after him. It is also at this mosque that his body is peacefully resting.
I only have myself to blame for not doing enough research and simply assumed that a guided tour in Istanbul must surely include such a significant place to be visited.
I am sad and disappointed that we missed it, but I console myself by thinking that I have a very good reason to return to Istanbul in the future. I owe him a visit.
And I am happy and blessed enough that I had the opportunity to visit the mosque and the final resting place of Abu Ayub Al-Ansari and Jalaludin Ar-Rumi.

But then I realized that any first timer to Turkey can easily be mistaken by the mosques. They look very much alike to one another, especially the domes and minarets.

In fact, you can see mosques everywhere in Turkey. They obviously dominate the landscape. The city of Istanbul itself has around 3000 mosques.

All through out our journey, we will always be reminded that this is a Muslim land.
It was a scene that is most soothing to the eyes. In the vast land of wheat and olive plantation, thousand hectares of green land as far as the eyes can see, you will see small villages with the minarets.

Turkey is a beautiful country with breathtaking views of the mountains and hilly landscape. When I visited Switzerland, the beauty of the mountains, the lakes, the crystal clear streams rendered me to tears, but it sadden me the fact that majority of the population do not know the The Creator. Whereas in Turkey, the sight of the minarets filled my heart with peace and joy. It signifies that The Creator and The Owner of this beautiful land is rightfully worshiped.

Allahu Akbar..

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