Saturday, December 19, 2009


Dialogue from the movie, The Blind Side.

Beth: You're changing that boy's life.
Leigh Anne: No, he's changing mine.

Change occur in our life continuously. The only time change are not desirable is when it is a change for the worse. Change for the better is what we always yearn for.
We yearn for a better life, a better world.

My life changes every day. And sometimes when I thought that I had helped someone to change to be a better person, it is actually that person who has changed me.
My profession in education has brought many significant changes in my life. Students come and go, and every time they came back to thank me for changing their life, I am humbled by the fact that it was them who has changed mine.
From them, I learned about patience and perseverance. I learned about discipline, hard work and determination. I learned to be a better person.
I don't get to choose my students. I believe every one of my students who were, are and will be in my class are chosen by Allah The Almighty. I accepted them with no prejudice, I tried my best not to be judgemental.
Sometimes the changes that they brought to me are so tremendous that the memory of them stays permanently in my heart and mind and the relationship with them remained until years after they graduated.

To all my students,
It has been a pleasure having you in my class,
I am privileged to have the opportunity of knowing you,
The honour is always mine.

2nd Muharram, 1431 Hijrah
( In commemoration of the new hijrah year )


aisyah anasmosa said...

Salamullah 'alaik.

Madam. Saya minta izin untuk linkkan blog madam dalam blog saya ya.

mawar said...

Salam Aisyah,

Mudah2an bermenafaat.