Thursday, April 16, 2009

Perjalanan Mengenali DIA - 4

Switzerland is definitely a beautiful country. Subhaanallah...

I still have vivid memories of the unforgettable journey from Switzerland to Italy.
Two and a half hours of journey across the Swiss Alps where we had to drive into tunnels and above bridges. Tunnels after tunnels, all 37 of them, the longest one was 17km long!
But each time we came out of a tunnel, we will always be greeted with awesome, breathtaking views of the mountains, lakes, waterfall, streams, pine brought tears to my eyes.
The Almighty is showing off His Greatness.

My brother was doing the driving and I was doing the looking and photographing.
But after a while, I simply switch off my camera and stop taking pictures..I gave up..I was too overwhelmed...and I know my camera just can't capture it...I can never do justice to the beautiful scenery. I sat quietly enjoying the great show from the Almighty.

We intend to stop along the highway to capture the scenery but some of the most beautiful scenery I saw along the highway was at a place where stopping the car is prohibited.
The scene was a mixture of blue snow-capped mountain in the background then green mountains with pine trees, refreshing waterfall at the slope, and then out of nowhere you see the water flows into a crystal clear stream along the highway just behind the road railing.

Sometimes you see lakes on your left, green hills on your right and mountains right in front.
Sometimes you just don't know where to look!

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