Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Birthday

We had a small birthday celebration today at our department. It was meant for the 'september babies' as they call us. Three of us including yours truly were born in September, in different years. I am the oldest among the three.

Last year, on my birthday, I sat quietly at a cemetery. My dear uncle had just passed away on the second day of Shawal. And this year, when my brother sent me a birthday message on my phone I replied to him that it's been one year since our uncle died.
Then suddenly within hours after that my brother called to inform me of the demise of another uncle. And just like the year before, again, we rushed back home.

Twice, on my birthday, I was reminded by Allah about death.
It is a reminder for me that with each birthday, I am getting nearer to the inevitable. Death is definite.
We will die. Not because we are old, not because we are ill. It is not about our age, not about our health.
We will die because it is time.
And we should remember death more than remembering birthday.

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