Tuesday, November 9, 2010


You asked me why?
Why do you feel lonely?
We ARE alone in this world. We came here alone.
What about our family? Aren't they a part of us?
No..they are only a part of us in THIS world. This ephemeral world.
When the time come, that we have to leave this world, we will go alone.
Our family, the ones who love us most, they will send us, but we will go alone.

How sad that is...
Yes...this is a temporary world.
Do not attached yourself to something that won't last. You will be disappointed.
HE promised us an eternal happiness later.

Be brave. Be strong.
This is a journey. But not without a guide.
Read the Guide Book.

Find Him.
The Most Merciful, The Most Loving.

Ya Rahmaan
Ya Rahiim
Please hear me.


Syahir Abu Sahmah said...

dan peringatan untuk diri kami juga..

mawar said...

Dear Syahir

Thank you for reading.
Have a blessed day.