Monday, March 1, 2010


"Love is an attitude that leads to change in behaviour" - Gary Chapman.

Let's observe.
An ordinary person, living an ordinary life.
One day this person found him/herself to be madly and deeply in love.

Then..things start to change.

Smiling, happy most of the time

No anger, no hatred, no sadness
Happiness, sheer happiness

Suddenly, everything is easy, everything is beautiful

As the love grew deeper...more changes took place.

Loyal, extremely loyal to the loved one.

Overly protective of the loved one.

Everything reminded him/her to the loved one.
Obsessed with anything related to the loved one.
Willing to sacrifice anything, everything for the loved one.

Activities, thoughts, feeling, emotion, actions, laughter, tears, money, time....
All for the loved one.

Life is devoted to the loved one
Life is meaningless without the loved one

And ultimately..
Worshiping the loved one.

The question is..
Who would deserve such devotion, such sacrifice,
Loyalty, worship...from you?

Who? Who...

It's only HIM.
The Gracious Ar Rahmaan, The Merciful Ar Rahiim,
The Protector Al Muhaimin
The Source of Peace As Salam
The Forgiver Al Ghaffar
The Loving Al Wadud
The Patient One As Sabuur....

It's HIM
The One you longed for
The One you've been searching
The One you've been missing...all your life
The One True Eternal Love
Only HIM

Learn to love HIM
With all your heart, mind and soul..

He will never let you down.


QuyaNan said...

mintak izin ntok copy ayat kat sini.

mawar said...

ya....silakan. mudah2an bermenafaat.