Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weeds...weeds..Go Away!

My garden is full of weeds! They are everywhere and in some parts of the garden they have taken over the whole area. They make my garden looks ugly.

And what makes it worst, my garden can bee seen clearly by my backyard neighbour. Once they look out their kitchen window they will see my garden. In fact I think they see my garden more frequently than me. I have to get out of my house to see my garden but they can see my garden from inside their house.

So, as a short term solution, I decided that the monthly routine of mowing the lawn has to changed. The lawn has to be mowed more frequently, may be twice a month or even once week. Why? Well..monthly mowing fit the growth of the grass, but the weeds grows a lot faster and taller than my beloved beautiful grass. While the grass are still showing off it's beauty, the weeds are kind of taking the centre stage and attracting everyone's attention.

By mowing the lawn frequently, I hope I can hide the weeds, they are still there but at the same height as the grass. From afar, you will just see the green lawn eventhough it is actually a mixture of grass and weeds. But I would still do the weeding, I have to pull out these annoying plants because I know they are not grass. Other people might not see them, but I see them, I know they are there. It's my garden, I know what's in there.

Others might say, "Your garden is nice, beautiful.."
I would say to them, "No, my garden is full of don't see them because they are hidden, but they are everywhere..I am very worried that they are going to take over the whole garden, it is progressing steadily..if I don't keep up with them I will lose this battle.."

Weeding the garden is difficult but not as difficult as weeding my heart. There are weeds everywhere, they grow every minute and I have to keep up with this battle continuously. Some weeds have been there for a very long time and I still can't pull them out..God, help me..because there are times that I can't recognize them. These dangerous weeds sometimes looked very attractive and deceiving. They even grow pretty flowers...

Sometimes, out of desperation I just hide these weeds so that they can't be seen.
But, who am I trying to fool? I know they're what if people don't see them? Allah can see them...
Who is your judge? Human or Allah?

I have to be honest, but in my effort to be honest, I find that being honest to myself is the most difficult. Cheating others is not my habit but I do frequently cheat myself. Telling myself that it is okay when I know it is not.

Ya Quddus..
Ya Salaam..
I need your intervention
I need your help
I need you..


Anonymous said...

nice entry mdm...;)
hati saya pun selalu ada je weeds yang mengganggu..:'(

ps: mdm ada emel lain x?...ari tu a few days after class,saya ada hantar emel tp dia kata msg sent failed.


mawar said...

thank you Huda.
my gmail should be ok.
please try again, ok?

huda.nordin said...

mdm, hidayah,aqilah,nadhila,liyana, atiqah dan lain2 ucap terima kasih kat mdm.=)

mawar said...

salam Huda,

ye sama-sama :)
Good luck di Gombak nanti.