Saturday, October 31, 2009

Divine Intervention

When on a journey to an unfamiliar place, there are times that we lost our way. Worst still we could be heading to a dangerous road where we have to make a sudden turn for the sake of our safety.
May be we had already been on the wrong road for quite a distance while not realizing it but the signboards warn us of the danger and we have to abide by it.

My life had taken an unexpected turn when I fell sick for almost two weeks recently. This is the second time in my career life that I took a long leave while classes are still on. The first time was when I was wheeled into an emergency room and I ended up having to go for a major surgery. Subsequently, I was given one month medical leave leaving my students in the middle of a semester. Needless to say, my life had never been the same after that. Some major changes took place and my life moved on to a new episode. I found a deeper spiritual dimension that I never thought possible for my self.

This time around, another change took place, and it involved someone I sincerely care about.
Being sick for a long time where the normal medication only made a short term relief, I was deeply worried and was praying for a divine intervention and it came in a way that was unexpected. May Allah make this a change for the better. I have always believe that everything happen for a reason and it is always for the best. Likening myself to a tree, I see right now that some of my branches had broken, the leaves had started to fall and the stem is weakening from being fiercely shaken.

But I hope and pray that Allah will shower me with divine rain of mercy and forgiveness so that my roots would remain strong and for each broken branch a new stronger one will grow, the fallen leaves will turn into compost that will feed the roots.

Thank you Allah for giving me this test, I am looking back at the roads that I took because you are now calling me back. Each time I am being tested, it is a reminder that you are always there watching over me. I am tracing back my mistakes and carelessness and slowly taking baby steps in the new direction.

As human, we are actually a spiritual creature who's being given a chance to experience the physical world in order to be tested. We are also equipped with emotional dimension. Therefore when we are hurt, it could be out of physical, emotional or spiritual injuries. I went through a spiritual injury that had unfortunately affected me both physically and emotionally. The pain was therefore physical, emotional and spiritual, but with the mercy from Allah, I am recovering, Alhamdulillah.

But I believe this test is not solely for me, it is also meant for the other person.
To you out there, it's time for you to stop for a while and ponder deeply about this journey. Life is short, do not waste it with temporary enjoyment. Allah is Most Merciful, He is also watching over you very closely. Let's together make amendments while we still have the time.
We are not perfect. Our past history is full of mistakes and stupidity that shall not be repeated and the future does not promise an easy ride, there will be more bumpy roads, hills and valleys. But Allah has created everything so beautiful. We only need positive attitude, patience and perseverance to go through the journey while enjoying the scenery.

I look forward for the day when you are wearing the graduation robe, happily celebrating your excellent academic achievement while your heart remain humble and your faith is soaring high.


nurul hazirah said...

thank you madam..a great reminder for me.. :)

Anonymous said...

Salam Ziarah Madam. Hope u always in His blessing.. Lama tak terserempak Madam..

Ilham said...

salam madam..
sgt tersentuh dengan post madam..
thank you for the reminder, smoga Madam sentiasa di bawah lembayung rahmat Allah..ameen =)

mawar said...

thank you all for visiting,

Good luck in Gombak soon.

ye..lama tak nampak awak juga. semuga terus mengekalkan keikhlasan dalam menuntut ilmu.

terima kasih atas doanya.
semuga terus tabah mencari keredhaanNya.