Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another Teary Farewell

As I stepped out of my last class today, I felt as if a heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders. Another semester is over. I know my job is never ending, but the official job as a teacher to my students this semester has ended.
After giving them my farewell address, I invited them to speak up to the class. I honestly don't know what to expect from them, just any last words to me and their classmates.

I was pleasantly surprise to hear the words from them. I truly believe that they spoke from their hearts. Some of them spoke amidst tears flowing, their voices trembling, but what touched me most were the fact that the spontaneous words came out so beautiful. Beautiful words and sentences that can only came up from sincere hearts.

To all my students who spoke up today( and yesterday), thank you for your inspiring words. I am so proud of you. I hope now you understand the true meaning of sincerity. When you are sincere, beautiful things just came out naturally.
To those who choose to remain quiet, I believe some things are better left unsaid, the look on your face explained the unspoken words. My thanks to you too.
I have learned a lot from all of you.

To all my students, I wish you all the best. Be patient, be brave, be strong, you are here to be tested. Remember, just like the butterfly, you need to struggle hard to strengthen your wings so that you can fly.
May Allah guide you in this blessed journey of seeking knowledge to be a better person.
We might not be able to meet frequently in person, let us all meet in our prayers. And please remember my last request to all of you.

To all my students, if you feel the need to thank me, let me remind you again that the one who deserve the highest thanks and praises is HE, the One who created me and you. I won't be there for you all the time, but HE will.
Trust me. HE is The Most Merciful, HE is very close to you.


huda.nordin said...

Ya Allah...!

Thank You Allah for chosen me to study in cfs nilai...
Thank You Allah for chosen me to take economics course..
and Thank you Allah for chosen me to be one of Mdm Rahimah's students.
Like you said, He has planned our path beautifully(ok sorry i cant remmember your actual words..huhu)

Thanks for all the advices...

I cant help it but burst into tears after reading your entry..
Love you soo much!


nurul hazirah said...

well said huda..

thank you Allah..
i feel blessed to be in her class..
her advice are not just regular advice but it truly inspires people like me..

i hope that our class is one of the class that makes u happy and at ease..if we're one of the bad class, then we're sorry mdm for all our wrongdoings..pls forgive us..

i feel sad mdm knowing that i wont be able to see you every afraid that i'll forget ur advice..i hope we can keep in touch.. (dont worry i wont disturb you at 12 midnight.hehe)

i love u too madam!
happy birthday!! =)

-nurul hazirah 3-

mawar said...

Salam to Huda and Hazirah,

You both have what it takes to be successful as long as you keep your feet firm on the ground and your hearts down to earth.

Love you too :)

Hasbi said...

Thank you madam. May Allah bless u always, anywhere, anytime.. You r the great teacher that teach me sumthing new about life..

daia said...

slm... after reading your post today,mdm (really sorry...i wanted to read it yesterday when u txtd me,but as you know,i was having my exam).. it brought me to tears as i remembered the times when we had our classes with you 3 years ago.. it wasnt just a stats class.. it was more than that.

Alhamdulillah.. im very much thankful to Allah coz i had the chance of being one of ur students. and as i told you repeatitively, mdm...i would always remember the things that u have told us... all the advices.. the stories..the trials that u went through and how we should always be gr8ful with what we are going through, regardles of whether its good or bad.. sebab kita harus ingat bahawa sentiasa ada hikmah disebalik apa yang berlaku..

i love you very2 much,mdm... may Allah bless you and ur family..

-hidayah zainul ariff-

Qyy :) said...
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mawar said...


May Allah give you the strength to remain in the noble path that you have chosen.
( I've visited your blog )

All the best.

mawar said...


Thank you. I remember you as someone who's always willing to listen and learn new things.

keep up the good attitude.

insani81 said...

salam madam...
sume pon tulis english..saya nak tulis bm bolehkn mdm..hurm..kebetulan tgh fikirkn satu mslh td..sambil2 tu baca mdm nye blog..ya ALLAH..tetbe air mata ni keluar jugak..bukan sbb mslh tp sbb terbaca ayat mdm..

"Be patient, be brave, be strong, you are here to be tested. Remember, just like the butterfly, you need to struggle hard to strengthen your wings so that you can fly."

"Trust me. HE is The Most Merciful, HE is very close to you."

i trust u mdm..dikesempatan ini saya nak mintak maaf kat mdm..sbb sgt degil walaupun seringkali mdm berkongsi tazkirah dlm kelas..minta maaf juga sebab komitmen yang saya bagi tidak begitu memuaskan..insya ALLAH saya akan cuba yang terbaik dalam final exam yg bakal tiba ni..smoga ALLAH memberkati mdm sekeluarga..dan smoga kita berjaya dalam kehidupan didunia dan diakhirat sana..ameen~

mawar said...

To insani81,

Jangan lakukan sesuatu kerana manusia, lakukan lah kerana Allah, kerana Dia yang akan memberikan ganjaran.

All the best in the final. Just do your best,and leave the rest to Him, that's all.

rai_aziz said...

buat mdm rahimah trcnta..

trime kasih ats sgle ilmu n tunjuk ajar yg tlah dberikn spanjang sem 1..
n tuk pgrtahuan mdm..
slame ni kalau blaja addmath memang paling xske tjuk probability n statistics ni..hehe

tp mungkin krn brkat ilmu yg mdm bg..alhamdulillah..

n sgale pringatan n crite yg mdm bg 2..insyaAllah sye semat dlm hati..

minx maaf andai slame sye jd student mdm..
prnh terguris hati o tersalah ckp.

wlupun lpas ni da xblaja statistics..ingatan trhdp mdm xkn sye lupekn smp ble2...
smoge tbh mnjalani ujian hidup n menjd role model buat ummah..amin

kenang daku dlm doamu..

~uhibbuki lillah~(",)