Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Pure Heart

It was after iftar at the masjid. I was chatting with a friend when suddenly we heard the sound of a baby crying loudly. I knew the mother of that baby was still inside, performing the maghrib prayer. I could imagine how the mother must have felt upon hearing the cry of her dear baby.
I turned around and saw a very young girl holding her crying baby sister.
I went to her, reaching out to take the baby. A look of relief came on her face.

Holding the baby I tried my best to console her. The poor baby cried even louder. Then I started,"Laa ilaha..illallah.." slowly I recited while checking on her for any sign of injury.
Almost in an instant, the crying stop! Subhaanallah..
It was as if the verse alleviated all her pain and fear.
Her tiny chest was still shaking but the loud cry has now turned into a tiny sobbing.

My dear baby, you love that verse, don't you?
It comforts you, isn't it?....
As I continued reciting "Laa ilaha illallah.." repeatedly, the
sobbing receded.
And now, it was me who felt like crying.
My dear baby, your heart is so pure, your heart recognize that divine verse and it immediately gave you some comfort.
You must have heard it so frequently from your mom that upon hearing it, it took away all your fears.

I asked the sister what had happened.
" I don't know, I put her down to pick up some drink..I was thirsty..suddenly I heard her cry and saw her lying down at the staircase.."
" It's ok..may be she fell down, but she's not hurt, she was just scared.."
I continued reciting the verse that she loved so much. By now, the baby is quiet.
I couldn't help from being awe stricken when I look at her face, so immensely calm and peaceful, obviously enjoying my recitation. Because, when I stop, she looked as if she's about to cry again.

My dear baby Asma' ( that's her name)..
Remember this verse always..
Laa ilaaha illallah..
It is called 'kalimah toyyibah'..
It is the essence of all our activities in our life
Your dad recited that verse on the day that you were born
To welcome you
To tell you that you were born as a muslim
And that you will be nurtured and raised as a muslim

The Prophet Muhammad SAW said, "No baby is born but upon Fitra (as a Muslim). It is his parents who make him a Jew or a Christian or a Polytheist." (Sahih Muslim)

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