Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We are Travelers

Eyjafjallajokull. That's difficult enough to spell, let alone to pronounce. But apparently, that name will be remembered by millions of people whose life went to a standstill or to a certain extent chaotic at this moment because of flight cancellations to and from Europe.
I couldn't help laughing when I read the following from CNN news website.

Russ Byer was supposed to fly to Los Angeles, California, on Saturday after a two-week vacation in Berlin, Germany -- until he found out about the cancellations.

"This is surreal!" he said, recalling his first thought. "Stranded by a volcano? Particularly one with an unpronounceable name."

As an occasional air traveler I can't imagine how the stranded passengers must have felt, I have never been stranded more than 9 hours. Whereas the airport closure in most European countries has caused them to be stranded for at least four days!
I am not really sure what is the situation right now, just as the authorities are deciding to open up some air space, today another eruption occurred with massive new ash.

The weary travelers, whether on business or on vacation, all long to get home. It's not about the physical condition of our house, a home is where the heart is. Each time we went away, no matter how much we enjoy our journey, in the end we will miss our home.

We are all travelers in this world. Our journey begun in the soul realm, followed by the nine months in our mothers womb. Now we are here, in this physical and material world. One day without any warning, we would be taken to another world, six feet underground. That's when the waiting start, like stranded passengers we will be waiting and waiting.

One day we will be awaken from the grave, gathered together in the field of mahsyar. We will be kept waiting, until we are given the book of our deeds. The waiting continues until the time for the meticulous judgment. We will definitely be at His mercy. Facing Him alone with our limbs as witnesses but no defense lawyer.
Like a weary traveler, in the end hopefully we will reach our home, the place that we longed for. InsyaAllah.

We build beautiful houses here in this world, with gardens of flowers, fruits and flowing water features. Why? Because we longed to go home to that garden of paradise.
But do we deserve that place of absolute beauty and tranquility?
It all depends on our deeds now, in our short stint here.

We are travelers in this world, but we are not on vacation.


Hasbi said...

One day, I hope that I could travel to other countries..Like you madam.. Gaining experience that will teach me a lot.. To appreciate life..

mawar said...

Yes Hasbi. traveling will teach you a lot. And as muslim we are obliged to travel at least once for our hajj.
That's how significant traveling is in islam.
insyaAllah I pray that one day you will be blessed the opportunity.