Sunday, April 25, 2010

An Explanation

It happened again.
I attended a gathering last night and met a good friend who complained to me,
" I smiled at you just now but you did not respond, I thought you've already forgotten who I am"
I apologized to her and continued with my usual explanation about my eyesight.

You see, my optometrist said I belong to the 10% of the population with similar eyesight condition. I discovered this a few years back. I suffered some prolonged headache, and decided to check my eyesight after running out of possible options in finding the remedy. I never quite noticed that I have eyesight problem.
When my optometrist became silent and kept repeating the procedure of checking my eyes, I became curious. Why did he kept on repeating it, and not saying a word to me?
Then I remembered that he had that look on his face (which I can't find a word to describe it right now) and announced,
" You are far sighted on the right eye and near sighted on the left eye"
" Wow.. is that possible? "
" Yup... about 10% have this condition"
That's why I failed to notice it before, because one of my eyes will always remain clear whether looking at an object nearby or in a distance. But the blurry vision of the other eye disturb the focus point, hence the headache comes. Only when I put on that ugly test spectacles that optometrist usually give you in the clinic, then I realized how clear the world should be with a good eyesight!

I was near sighted (on both eyes) and used to wear eyeglasses during my student days, but I simply abandon it after I graduated. I admit I don't like wearing one and since my condition was not that severe, I survived.
But after many years, the condition changed and turned to as it is now.
What is the problem then? I have a problem in getting good eyeglasses. The few attempts that I had, ended up in frustration. And I am not just referring to the cost. The lenses are not comfortable at all. I failed to adapt to the opposite lenses on both eyes, and multifocal lenses are even worse, so I only wear it once in a while when I really need it.

And usually after I explained my condition to others when they were offended because I did not return the smile they gave me, they will ask,
"Why don't your wear your eyeglasses then?"
To lighten up the situation my usual answer would be,
" I don't look good wearing it lah..I look like a teacher,." and they would laugh at me. Yes, besides the eyesight problem, I also have a psychological problem of self denial, a teacher who doesn't like the look of a teacher.. no cure for that, I guess.

So, before you accuse me of being arrogant for not responding to your friendly gesture, have some pity on me please... I just don't clearly see your face, so just come nearer and there you are.. I might have forgotten names sometimes, but I am a visual person, I don't forget faces easily.
However, if you are caught in a situation that you most likely prefer not being seen by me, don't worry, if you are far enough, I won't recognize you. How far is it? That's for me to know, and for you to wonder...


Anonymous said...

mdm, u can try using eyewear which is available at watsons..
it is for near and far sighted..
no glasses, just holed spectacle.
made from plastic, but it'll look weird of course because it is black in color. also, it helps to improve our sight. hope that helps..

nurindah said...

madam,,,it's okay if you cant see people well,,,,the most important thing is to see them with your sincerity of course...they may not see that...but Allah knows..Allah knows what's the best for us,madam...

mawar said...


Yes, I've seen that kind of eyewear before. May be I should try. Thank you for the suggestion.

Allah knows best..very true. :)