Monday, November 16, 2009

A Reflection

Lexus IS250C Convertible.
My dream car, will remain in my dream.
It's not going to be a reality.

I began to take interest of convertible cars when I visited Europe last year. I used to dislike the idea of a roofless vehicle considering the climate of our country. But the latest model of convertible cars where the roof can be opened or closed in just 20 seconds with the touch of a button is very appealing. Awesome!

I saw many convertibles on the road in Europe, especially in Switzerland.
Besides the 'affordable' price,
the cool and pleasant climate there can be one of the major contributing factor to their preference to this type of car.
After a long cold winter, spring and summer are just too nice to be wasted by staying indoor, and driving a roofless vehicle allows you to enjoy the weather to the fullest.
Hence a convertible is a logical choice.

But besides the vehicles, almost everything that I saw there symbolized the standard of living of the Europeans. The houses, the ultra-modern facilities and technologies. The tunnels and bridges on the mountainous highways, the cable cars and the extremely delicious Swiss chocolate! Well.. may be chocolate does not signify a standard of living, but Swiss chocolate is in a class of it's own, at least to me.

When we visited downtown Zurich on a Sunday while almost all of the shops were closed, we enjoy looking through the glass doors to the branded items on display. As we always say in Malay, 'cleansing the eyes'.
And I still remember my visit to the famous Harrods in London. Walking along rows of Dior clothings, Jimmy Choo shoes, Marc Jacobs handbags, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Versace etc, etc. The aura of high fashion and classy, elegant life style did get into my head. I would be lying to say I am not attracted to any of that. But, I don't see any logic in spending RM4900 for a handbag, no matter how classy it is (that's the price of a Prada handbag that caught my attention).

And when I reached home, back to my humble place, I began to reflect.. is this what people in the world had worked hard for? Losing sleeps, sacrificing families and loved ones in pursuit of the so called high class life style?
Then I reflected back on the fact that despite the beautiful scenic country that they lived in and the relatively very peaceful life, the large majority of Europeans are not blessed with the light of Islam. How is it that most of them couldn't see the greatness of The Creator through the majestic mountains, the beautiful spring flowers, the crystal clear streams and the bright sunny day that they love so much?

My vacation to Europe has taught me a lot.
I am thankful to HIM, The All-Merciful, The Guide, The Light.
All praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.
Ya Hadi
Ya Nuur
Guide me to your light

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