Saturday, January 17, 2009

Permanent Abode

I was looking through a leaflet of a newly built resort homes somewhere in one of the prestigious location in Klang Valley.
A high-end residential component amidst a resort development. Luxury villas, condominiums with panoramic views from the extra wide and spacious balcony.

You can feel the joy and happiness of living there simply by reading through the description.

" Luxury retreat in a private tropical sanctuary. Stunning elegance and architectural finesse to create an ultra luxurious accommodation experience that is second to none. "

Wow...second to none!..Who wouldn't want to live there?
In fact the beautiful leaflet describe the residence with so many adjectives. Ultra chic, tropical paradise, lavish, warm ambiance, unimpeded views, sumptuous luxury, incredibly stylish...

I must say whoever wrote that must have really imagine the beauty of the place to the extreme for him/her to be able to come out with those phrases of extravagance. Well, I have to congratulate the writer for doing a superb job. Reading through the leaflet left me with a floating feeling of living in a completely different world until I came across the price of the units offered. Nothing less than half a million RM, starting price for the condo and close to a million RM is the starting price for the villas!
Yes, we can't expect to live in a home of luxury for free.
People work hard, made sacrifice, spending sleepless night all in the name of finding and living in happiness.

However, all these are temporary. Life itself is temporary here.

Allah has promise the faithful believers of a permanent happiness somewhere else.
The Qur'an made detail description of eternal blissful life in a high place as wide as the eyes can see, surrounded by green gardens, with rivers flowing underneath.
Unlike the beauty of our temporary world which sometimes disappoint us because it is not as comfortable as we imagine it to be, the home that He promised can't be matched with anything our mind can imagine. It's way, way, way beyond human imagination.

Just like the leaflet, the housing promotion in the Qur'an is thick with pictures of pure comfort from physical, emotional and spiritual perspective.

And, that permanent abode IS second to none. Allah guarantees that.

And, just like the leaflet, these housing promotion also comes with an expensive price. Not even close to a billion RM!

The price is our heart. Our sincere heart. Our sincere devoted heart. Our sincere devotion and submission that our prayers, our deeds, our life and death is only for HIM.

Nothing less than that.

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