Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Vicious Cycle

Teacher:  You have not been following my advice, have you?

Myself:    No, I am sorry.

Teacher:  It seems that you actually don't understand my advice.

Myself:    I understood..believe me, I can understand all your advice.

Teacher: understood then. But you didn't accept it, do you?

Myself:    What do you mean?

Teacher:  Listen to me carefully. 
                You use your ears to listen. You use your brain to understand.
                But, in order to accept, you have to use your heart.

Myself:   But..

Teacher:  You heard and you understood, but deep inside, your heart refuse to accept. 

Myself:   ..............
Teacher:   Remember we talked about 'learning'?

Myself:    Yes...learning means change. If there's no change, it means learning has not occurred.

Teacher:  When you heart refuse to accept, then, no change will happen. You know why the heart refused?

Myself:    Why?

Teacher:  Arrogance. Pride.'s a vicious cycle you know...

Myself:    Vicious cycle...?

Teacher:  Yes...following my advice will lead to crushing your arrogance.
                  But your arrogance stops the heart from accepting the advice.

Myself:     But, what's the point of following your advice when I am not sincere?...

Teacher:   Just do it.... Force your self! .....
                  Sincerity has to be developed through practice.
                  You are just making excuses, because you are so full of yourself. 

Myself:   .............

Teacher:  I am sorry for being so blunt..I hope you are not offended.

Myself:   No, not at can say anything... your words never offended me..

Teacher:  Because..?

Myself:    Because you are right.

Hearing is not necessarily understanding.
Understanding is not necessarily accepting.
Because, hearing is a function of the ear, understanding is a function of the brain. But, acceptance is a function of the heart.

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