Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Walk

The Shah Alam lake garden is probably almost as old as the city itself. The well designed landscape has matured with shady trees,  huge clean lake, well kept grass, and the moldy pavement looked so welcoming.

It was still quite early in the morning when we took the walk at the beautiful garden today.

We strode slowly on the wet pavement, avoiding water puddles every now and then, while savoring the clean fresh air.
The stillness of the surrounding induced a feeling of peace inside the heart as we watched admiringly at the full moon shining brightly above the horizon.

The huge garden is situated behind the state mosque and we could clearly hear the voice of the imam delivering the kuliyah subuh (morning talk).
His voice was all we could hear besides the thuds of our own footsteps.
As we continued step by step..slowly and gently our surrounding changed.

The eastern sky had brighten up and right before our eyes we witnessed the arrival of a new day.

The sunrise.
The crimson sky now looked so blue and the mosque stood elegantly behind the lake.


By the sun and its brightness;
By the moon as it follows it (the sun);
By the day as it shows up (the sun's) brightness;
By the night as it conceals it (the sun);
By the heaven and Him Who built it;
By the earth and Him Who spread it,
( As Syams: 1-6)
These verses from the Qur'an, perfectly and precisely described that moment...
All praise be to Allah..Lord of the worlds..

After about forty minutes we headed back to the parking area near a little cafe.
It was dark when we arrived before, but now we could see clearly how lovely the cafe looked.

The pink bougainvillea at the entrance and the bright sunlight at the background was picture perfect.

Thank you Allah..
Thank you for these feet that you gave for us to walk
Thank you for the eyes that you gave for us to see
Thank you for the ears that you gave for us to hear
Thank you Allah for this beautiful day
Thank you Allah
For everything...
Guide me Ya Allah to the right path..

And by Nafs, and Him Who perfected him in proportion;
Then He showed him what is wrong for him and what is right for him;
Indeed he succeeds who purifies his own self
And indeed he fails who corrupts his own self 
(As Syams: 7 -10)

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