Saturday, February 4, 2012

Remembering The Blessed Birth

This book was bought today at
Souq Muamalah Madinah, Shah
Alam for 2 dirham.
I've read, I've listened to, stories about him many times.
Today, I bought yet another book about him. I need to know more about him. I need to learn more from him.

Today is 12 Rabi'ul Awal, his birthday. Birthdays were never an important issue in my life, but his birthday was a day that marked a turning point in human history. It's one birthday worth reminiscing about.

"He lifted his head when he was born, looking skywards. A light issued with him when he was born."
"There are the wonders that took place the night he was born when the arcade of Chosroes shook and its balconies fell down, the waters of Lake Tiberias ebbed, and the flame of Persia, which had not been out  for a thoudsand of years, was extinguished." (an excerpt of the book on the left)

It was indeed a day full of miracles and mercy. A blessed day for the entire humanity.
But it's not just about his miraculous birthday.
It is about his entire life and the message that he brought.
"We did not send you except as a mercy to all the worlds" (Al Anbiya':107)
His very being was mercy, and his life was dedicated to extend the mercy to all the worlds.

I remember a friend told me about her young daughter's dream. The girl was just about five or six years old and she was blessed with a dream of Prophet Muhammad SAW. When anyone dream about the prophet it was his true self that he/she shall see, because no one can impersonate his noble being, including satan. We know that our Prophet SAW is a perfect man, physically, emotionally and spiritually, so what could we expect a very young girl to say about the prophet that she saw in a dream?
The girl was asked how does Prophet  Muhammad SAW look like. And her answer brought me to tears. "He looks gentle"
Subhaanallah... He is indeed a mercy. How else should a merciful being look like? His face radiates with mercy even a child can see and perfectly described, even only if it was in a dream.
How true that is. I've experienced it myself, but not in a dream about him. (How I wish I could be blessed with one)
It was when I visited his city, his masjid. The distinct atmosphere that I felt around me was exactly that. Gentleness. A portrayal of his supreme character and personality that has won so many hearts for more than a thousand years.

Allaahumma solli 'alaa Muhammad.

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